Sunday, March 2, 2014

DPS Health's Virtual Lifestyle Management Program

DPS Health has some very impressive results out for their Virtual Lifestyle Management Program (VLM). This is the web-based lifestyle coaching program that a number of health plans, provider and employers have been using to engage their employees in personal healthcare and risk reduction. The program includes multi-channel outreach, recruiting, and support for eligible members, a year-long comprehensive digital intervention with online education and dynamic behavior goal-setting, planning and tracking, and digital coaching via secure messaging and moderated chat. They also use accelerometers, journaling and other engagement tools.

The Government Employees Health Association has used it for a few years in about 5,000 members. After a year, 65% had lost weight and user satisfaction was good. They did a comparison to a matched population that did not have access to VLM and found that expenditures were lower in the VLM group. The saving came to $2,637 per member per year. This is a huge accomplishment and demonstrates the power of active engagement of patients to improve health and lower costs. More details are available here.

We are so impressed by DPS that my company, Patient Engagement Systems, recently announced that it has added VLM to its suite of patient engagement and clinical decision support tools for patients with diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD). This partnership means that the two services with the strongest data proving efficacy and cost savings can be integrated into one package, making them even better.

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